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15 Memes That Will Make Any Book Lover Laugh

15 Memes That Will Make Any Book Lover Laugh

Let’s be honest, we all need something to laugh at right now. We’ve spent some time searching online for the best book lover memes / tumblr posts / tweets  that any reader will appreciate or relate to.  

1. Shakespeare making us all feel inferior once again.

2. Something that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. 

3. Everything suddenly makes a lot more sense. 

4. Lest*

5. We really appreciate this.

6. Truth.

7. Honestly, the best thing we've seen in ages.

8. Soz but I just don't want to read Richard III eight times.

9. 100%. 

10. Mr Darcy coming through for the people.

11. Us.

12. Word.

13. Probably our all time favourite. 

14. Hand's up who's here for terrible book puns. 

15. Get the message please and thank you.

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