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12 Book Lover Memes Guaranteed to Make Any Reader Laugh

12 Book Lover Memes Guaranteed to Make Any Reader Laugh

A collection of book lover memes that we’ve found online these last few months that are guaranteed to make any reader laugh (or a least sharply exhale through their nose). 

Just a heads up, a few of these memes feature swear words. Read at your own risk! 

1. 2020* 😉

2. What a burn. 🔥

3. We are HERE for it. 🤗

4. We appreciate this a lot.

5. Those sass levels though…

6. Truth hurts. Soz, Edmund. 😂

7. I mean, what’s a guy to do? 🙄


8. Ah! Suddenly, it all makes sense.

9. Probably the best thing we’ve read in ages. 🥰

10. When your tweet about a viral pandemic goes viral…

11. Lizzie was probably a much better person than I am. 🤷


12. Turns out Charles Dickens was the Regina George of the classic lit world!

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