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Vintage Children's Mini Library


Six beautiful, vintage children's books for your collection.

A dose of nostalgia and a lovely gift for your favourite book worm - perfect for occasions such as baby showers or a child's birthday. 

A variety of authors, such as A.A Milne, Rudyard Kipling, Charles M Schulz. A large section of our library consists of the various writings by the brilliant Enid Blyton. 

Books will be gift-wrapped before being sent out to you or your loved one. Selected at random, the surprise of which books you'll receive is all part of the charm! 

Our lovely friends in the EU might like to know that have managed to put measures in place to collect taxes at the point of checkout, so purchases from our Etsy store won't be subject to further fees on arrival in the EU. Not all of our products are on there because some are not eligible to be sold on Etsy but most are. 

There's more information about customs and VAT here.