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Personalised Occasion Multiple Map Of The Stars Print


This beautiful personalised map of the stars print comes with the option of including up to three unique star charts, making it the perfect gift for celebrating family. Many customers have chosen to have each star chart represent the moment their children were born, others have bought it as a wedding gift, celebrating the moment they met, got engaged and got married. 

Our star maps are entirely accurate, depicting how the stars, planets and constellations looked at the exact moment and location of your choosing. 

The information we require is simply the time, date, and location for each star chart. Due to the complicated nature of this print, we ask that when you provide us with the location, you give us the name of the town/city and a postcode. The town/city you give us will be the town/city we use on the print.

Alternatively, some of you may wish to have a loved one’s name and the relevant date, instead of a location and the relevant date. If this is the case, please provide us with the name you would like us to use when filling out the relevant star chart information. Take a look at the product photographs to see how your print will be formatted.

Free shipping for orders to the UK. This print is available in A3. You can choose to have between one, two, and three star maps and there are a range of beautiful colours available, see the product photographs for a full colour swatch. A3 unframed prints are rolled in a cardboard tube. Our framed prints are mountless and glazed with clear perspex. 


A3: 30cm x 42cm. 


A3: 32cm x 45cm.


Our lovely friends in the EU might like to know that have managed to put measures in place to collect taxes at the point of checkout, so purchases from our Etsy store won't be subject to further fees on arrival in the EU. Not all of our products are on there because some are not eligible to be sold on Etsy but most are. 

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