Penguin Couple Print  - Personalised Map of the Stars
Penguin Couple Print  - Personalised Map of the Stars
Penguin Couple Print  - Personalised Map of the Stars

Penguin Couple Print - Personalised Map of the Stars

E.g. town / postcode / zipcode
To the nearest hour.
Positioned above star chart.
See description for examples.
See description for examples.

This beautiful map of the stars print is personalised to meet all of your wishes. This celestial themed star chart features an array of beautiful watercolours and the silhouette of an adorable penguin couple.

A romantic gift suitable for any occasion: wedding, anniversary, engagement of birthday. Whatever the moment, whoever it’s for, friend/family/partner - this unique and special star map print is bound to delight.

The star chart is entirely accurate, it depicts the exact placement of the constellations, planets and stars at the exact moment of your choosing.

Here is the information you need to supply in your message to us.


For the star chart:

- Town or postcode
- Date (we’ll use this for the print too!)
- Time

For the print:

Choose from: The Sky Over or The Stars Above

Location: Northampton, Fiji, Wembley Stadium etc.

Short curve above chart: Anna Rose Smith, Congratulations, Happy Birthday

Moment: The day you were born, on our wedding day, when you said yes etc.

Background: White or Dark Blue


Format of your print will appear as follows:

The Sky Over / The Stars Above
Your Chosen Location
Moment You Are Commemorating
Date: E.g. 21st November 2000

In order to achieve the best visual results, we have set a character limit for the location, moment and curved text options. Should you exceed this character limit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Made from:

Soft textured card, printed using high quality inks.
There is one framing option for this print. The frame can be seen in the product photographs. Your print will be professionally mounted, glazed and ready to hang in a larger, deluxe frame.


Print: 21cm x 30cm (A4) or 30cm x 42cm (A3)

Frame: 33.5cm x 42cm with 4cm of off-white mount. 2cm of black wood bordering your print