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“No Need to Hurry, No Need to Sparkle” Beautiful Journal Gift


A beautiful notebook with a contemporary design and a lovely quote from literature. If you’re after an inspirational quote gift then look no further. 

“No need to hurry, no need to sparkle, no need to be anybody but oneself.” - Virginia Woolf

A reminder that we’re all enough just as we are. 

This chunky journal is a wonderful writing gift and is perfect for journaling and self-reflection. A thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one and beautiful present if you’re looking to treat yourself too. Not only is it perfect for writing, it’s great for doodling, jotting down ideas and sketching down.

This notebook has a soft cover of lovely, smooth card and plain white pages. 

15cm x 21cm (A5). 244 pages (1.5 cm). 

You can upgrade your journal to a 'journal for life' for just £5. Just send us a photo of your completed journal every time you (or the recipient) fill it and we'll send you a new one free of charge! (See product photograph for example!)

Our books, book page prints and journals all come gift wrapped as standard in our branded terracotta wrapping paper.

You can also upgrade to our premium gift wrap! Choose from our festive Christmas wrap or our premium wrapping paper and ribbon (see product photograph for example) for a small additional cost.

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