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Framed Vintage Paperbacks - Set of Three


These beautiful Penguin and Pelican Non-Fiction books don't often get read nowadays, but they should be seen! We've selected our favourite sets of three and framed the whole books in a box frame. So if you do want to read it - it's all in there.

Choose from the collections we have put together from our stock. 

When framed, the whole thing measures 48cm x 29cm and the frame is 3cm deep. We have used glass fronts. 

Please carefully check when you pick your options - we've listed the letter in the corner of the photo and the MIDDLE book in the picture and there are some duplicates. Please make sure these both match your choice! 

A - Five Hundred Years of Printing

B - Sex in Society

C - The Divided Self

D - Chemistry

E - Government of Education

F - The Divided Self

G - A Short History of the World

H - Invitation to Sociology

J - Riddles in Mathematics

K - The Integrity of the Personality

L - The Divided Self

M - The Doctor and the Soul