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Crate Testimonials

Testimonials from our past crate customers... 

"The book cover is wonderfully illustrated and looks so decorative on the shelf, especially when sat with all the lovely other covers you’ve done.  The tea was unusual and not something any of us in the family had tried before but we’re game for anything!  I like to see what quote is featured on the framed book page as it’s always thoughtful and often not one of the more famous lines.  The quirky quote on the unframed print is brilliant and I love the author stat card but it would be interesting to have more information as I’m intrigued to know more about Kipling. The calendar has some gorgeous pictures and is proving to be very useful already! My favourite item in the crate is always the more unusual one like the candle with Sense and Sensibility or the sweets with The Great Gatsby. 

I hadn’t actually read The Jungle Book before and I normally only get the crates when I know I like the book, but I was really glad I had this one and it has definitely encouraged me to take a chance on something new.  I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that some of my favourites come up in the future!"

- Lucy, Past Crate Customer

"I received my Bookishly Crate today – who doesn’t love getting a parcel of treats in the post!  It contained a beautiful special edition book, a framed printed quote from the book, wrapping paper, bookmark, some information about the author, a calendar and some delicious tea!  This is such a fantastic gift for any book lover - you can’t beat a cup of tea and a book!  I’ll be keeping an eye out for my favourite book being ‘crated’ so I can treat myself again!  Thank you Bookishly!"

- Sarah, Past Crate Customer
"I’ve been getting the Classic Book Crate almost every month since it started and I love them each and every time! This months relaunch has been The Jungle Book and everything in it is absolutely perfect. The crate is richly themed so it feels as though you are opening part of the jungle (do be careful when opening it though as the packaging can get everywhere!). The book cover is superbly designed and printed and the rest of the crate follows suit. Isn’t it said that the secret to a well-balanced life is a cup of tea in one hand an a book in the other? So what more could you ask for than some delicious tea to balance out the wonderful book! The page print is always my favourite part, it’s a wonderfully selected quote (particularly as my surname is Wolf!) and it’s always a delight that it’s individually wrapped in exquisite paper, who doesn’t love opening a present! Even though it saddens me a little bit that the page has been taken from a book, that doesn’t stop me from having about 15 of them around my home!"
Jessie, Past Crate Customer